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Trèbes, the quiet little town next to Carcassonne medieval city Trèbes, amidst vineyards Trèbes and Canal du Midi Marina in Trèbes
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Trèbes, the quiet little town next to Carcassonne medieval city

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Trèbes, at the confluence of the Aude and the Orbiel crossed by the Canal du Midi, offers many opportunities for walkers, fishermen ...

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Walkers strolling along the shady banks can admire the beautiful structure of the Canal bridge crossing the Orbiel.

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Pont de la Rode

A little further on, the bridge La Rode which attracted painters and photographer ... then the triple lock partly built into the rock.

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Eglise St-Etienne

You can also visit the church of St. Etienne, a fine example of Southern Gothic of the late 13th century.

Trèbes surroundings

Vacationers will find in Trèbes all facilities of a modern town: camping, swimming, tennis, ...
Located 7 km from the medieval city of Carcassonne.

In a 30 km radius you can:

  • enjoy the nature
  • visit the Cathar castles
  • visit abbeys
  • appreciate caves
  • visit old villages
  • and much more ...

The marine in Trèbes

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At the heart of the city, the marina close to many shops, restaurants and services.

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